Let's Secure EU

Automatic monitoring for secure email and secure web services.

Why Let's-Secure

Lets Secure is a service from Softjoy AB, an innovation company at Umeå University's innovation incubator..
The company is founded by experienced tech entrepreneurs with the vision to create solutions that make a difference. Our mission is to help Swedish companies and organizations increase their defense against Business Email Compromise (BEC) i.e. resilience against cyber-attacks
targeting dns, email and web services.

Our goal is to help companies and organizations to a more secure IT everyday life
by securing what you already have, not buying new and starting over.

We offer a Swedish-developed cloud service that helps you
secure your email, secure your supply chain and secure your web services.
With our service, you become a better purchaser as you
can verify that the work that is ordered is also carried out correctly.

With continuous monitoring, you can ensure that your web and email services are set up correctly and stay that way.

Let's start with what matters most: securing your email.

We will guide you along the path to a secure email.
With a properly configured email domain, your email cannot be used to spread false information, such as CEO letters and ransomware, with you or your company as the sender.

Do a quick test to see if you have a secure email.
Send an email to mailchecker@lets-secure.eu with subject check me
or click on the button below.

Please do not change the content.

Once you have secured your own email.
Help your customers, suppliers and partners.

We offer an automated solution where you can see that your customers and suppliers are following secure email recommendations.

When you are finished with your email,
review your web services.

Often, you have not developed your web services yourself and therefore do not know how secure they are. We provide a report on how well your web services comply with current security recommendations.