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It is time take your security seriously


Increase of cyber attacks


CEO fraud scams per 
year according to FBI


Experienced a DNS related attack during 2021


Increase in identity frauds 
since 2019

Cyber Security

Lets-Secure is a cloud-based service that translates technical information into a strategic asset, understandable at the business level and in corporate boardrooms.

Picture of four onions

Cybersecurity is almost like an onion

Your internet security defenses are divided into layers, our solution analyzes fundamental layers critical for your internet security. 

The first layer, your domain name configuration is verified for avoiding spam and other misuse such as supply chain attacks. 

The second layer, your web servers are checked against best practices and recommendations from industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Mozilla. 

The third layer, content security policies and the cryptographic ciphers, the server side of the pad-lock in your browser. High-lighting insecure settings and outdated versions.

It is a known fact that new servers are added, existing servers are replaced or changed and best practices evolve.
This makes it critical to inspect your exposure level on a regular basis!


DNS Servers and your domains

Validate that your DNS servers and the domains are up to date with modern security standards. This is of paramount importance for a safe internet presence and email usage. Don't be a victim of DNS related attacks.

Webserver configuration

Perform an in depth check of your web servers configuration using best practices from Mozilla, Google and Microsoft. Don't let your web server be a stepping stone for other attacks.

Content Security Policy

According to Google only 1 in 10 web servers have a Content Security Policy. In a 2016 report covering 1 billion web servers, a staggering 99% are incorrectly configured for common scripting attacks (XSS). Don't be one of those.

Cryptographic ciphers

Validate that your servers are using current and secure cryptographic settings and that insecure and outdated versions of SSL/TLS are disabled.

IBM X-Force 

Information about your domain and services from IBM X-Force

Virus Total from Google

Is any of your external servers flagged as malicious by any of the 90+ security vendors?

About Us

Jörgen Olofsson

Experience in cyber-security and internet related services. AI nerd and entrepreneur by heart.

Mattias Nilsson

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur with a strong belief in growing your inner self and methods for longevity. Experienced in leadership, product management and b2b relations


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