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It is time to take your security seriously


153% Increase in Cyber Attacks in 2021, emphasizing the growing risk organizations face.


CEO Fraud Scams per year according to the FBI, underscoring the financial impact of cybercrime.


Experienced a DNS Related Attack in 2021, highlighting the vulnerability of digital infrastructure.


Increase in Identity Frauds since 2019, demonstrating the rising threat to individuals and businesses.

Empower Your Organization with Let's Secure EU

At Let's Secure EU, we are dedicated to helping organizations across Europe strengthen their security posture. Our cloud-based service transforms technical information into a strategic asset, providing actionable insights that are understandable at both the business level and in corporate boardrooms.

Addressing Key Questions

Have We Secured Our Email from Phishing, Spoofing, etc.?

Protecting your organization's communication channels is paramount. Let's Secure EU offers comprehensive solutions to safeguard your email infrastructure from phishing attacks, spoofing attempts, and other malicious activities. Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your messages with our advanced security measures.

Do We Follow Industry Best Practices and Recommendations for Web Services?

Staying aligned with industry standards is essential in maintaining a strong security posture. Let's Secure EU helps your organization adhere to the latest best practices recommended by industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Mozilla. Fortify your web services against potential vulnerabilities and ensure a robust defense against cyber threats.

How Do We Verify Our Security Settings Over Time, Hardware Upgrades, and OS Updates?

Ensuring continuous security is an ongoing challenge. Let's Secure EU provides tools and mechanisms to regularly monitor and verify your security settings, even through new versions, hardware swaps, OS upgrades, and other changes. Our comprehensive solution enables you to adapt to evolving technology while maintaining a secure environment.

Simplifying the Denial of Insecure Certificates

Managing and denying insecure certificates can be a tedious process. Let's Secure EU streamlines this process by automating the identification and blocking of insecure certificates. Reduce the burden on your organization and enhance your security by effortlessly managing certificates with our solution.

Trusting Your Suppliers' Email and Web Services

Building trust between your organization and its suppliers is crucial. Let's Secure EU ensures the security of your email and web services, allowing you to confidently collaborate and communicate. Our solution enhances the trustworthiness of your services, enabling seamless and secure interactions with your partners.

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Cybersecurity: Layers of Defense

Your internet security defenses are divided into layers, our solution analyzes fundamental layers critical for your internet security. 

DNS Servers and Your Domains: Validate that your DNS servers and domains adhere to modern security standards. Safeguard your internet presence and ensure secure email usage. Don't fall victim to DNS-related attacks.

Webserver Configuration: Perform an in-depth check of your web server's configuration using best practices recommended by industry leaders such as Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft. Prevent your web server from becoming a stepping stone for cyber attacks.

Content Security Policy: According to Google, only 1 in 10 web servers has a Content Security Policy (CSP). Let's Secure EU helps you avoid falling into that statistic by implementing a robust CSP. Protect your web server and users from common scripting attacks like XSS (Cross-Site Scripting).

Cryptographic Ciphers: Validate that your servers employ current and secure cryptographic settings. Disable insecure and outdated versions of SSL/TLS protocols to minimize vulnerabilities. Maintain strong encryption and protect sensitive data.

This makes it critical to inspect your exposure level on a regular basis!


DNS Servers and your domains

Validate that your DNS servers and the domains are up to date with modern security standards. This is of paramount importance for a safe internet presence and email usage. Don't be a victim of DNS related attacks.

Webserver configuration

Perform an in depth check of your web servers configuration using best practices from Mozilla, Google and Microsoft. Don't let your web server be a stepping stone for other attacks.

Content Security Policy

According to Google only 1 in 10 web servers have a Content Security Policy. In a 2016 report covering 1 billion web servers, a staggering 99% are incorrectly configured for common scripting attacks (XSS). Don't be one of those.

Cryptographic ciphers

Validate that your servers are using current and secure cryptographic settings and that insecure and outdated versions of SSL/TLS are disabled.

Supply Chain Security Inspection

Strengthen your supply chain against attacks by validating supplier security, assessing vulnerabilities, and ensuring trustworthiness. Safeguard your organization with Let's Secure EU's comprehensive Supply Chain Security Inspection module.

IBM X-Force 

Information about your domain and services from IBM X-Force

Virus Total from Google

Is any of your external servers flagged as malicious by any of the 90+ security vendors?

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