When you are finished with your email,
review your web services.

Often, you have not developed your web services yourself and therefore do not know how secure they are. We provide a report on how well your web services comply with current security recommendations.


We give you an immediate answer on whether your web service is configured according to industry security recommendations.


An update or a change can sometimes affect unexpected things that result in a loss of security. Our tool lets you know when this happens

Security recommendations

An overview of the current situation showing what you need to address.

Monitor certificates

Get control over where your certificates are used and when they expire.

Continuous monitoring

Security requires regular attention. Continuous monitoring and information on any deterioration or need for action.

Modules: Secure Web Services

Securing java scripts

Regularly check that you are not using java scripts with known vulnerabilities.


Downloadable reports on how well you meet the recommendations for web services.

Secure certificates

Regularly check that you are using secure certificates.

Certificate renewal

Don't forget to renew your certificates. You will be notified well in time before the expiry date.

Cookie Settings

Make sure you follow Mozilla's latest recommendations for secure cookies.


If your security deteriorates or your configuration needs updating, you will receive an alert and provide instructions on how to address it.